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Earlier this month I had the extreme pleasure of being invited to explore Philadelphia with Catherine's. Since I've never been to been to Philly I jumped all over the chance to go and spend some time with my Catherine's Family. This time I was joined by two more bloggers, my boo Sandra from La Pecosa Preciosa and Alex from the You Tube channel Learning To Be Fearless. Getting to spend time with other bloggers is always so much fun for me!

We stayed at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco, which was so plush, in the heart of Old City Philadelphia. Old City is home to so many historical sights including Penn Landing, Independence Mall and the Historic Museum. It was so cool to see so many of these places!

We also visited the famous "Rocky Steps" on the Philadelphia Museum of Arts and they are no joke! Getting a chance to run up and down the steps was hilarious and quite a workout (currently looking for good steps in Birmingham to recreate this workout). We had a ton of fun reenacting the iconic scene from one of my favorite movies. After that we explored the majestic artistry of South Street and the Magic Gardens. They are unlike anything I've ever seen! I am totally obsessed with the area.

The highlight of my trip was getting to go to the Roots Picnic! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love live music. The Roots Picnic was high atop my list of festivals I wanted to go to, and this did not disappoint. Seeing Solange live and in person was life changing, and I do mean life changing. She is pure artistry in motion and the images of her preforming will forever be in my mind. Watching Pharrell perform with the Roots was pretty epic as well.

One thing that Philly definitely has is epic food. We ate at so many amazing places, including my personal favorites, Buddakan and Butcher & Singer.  Getting a chance to have an official Philly cheesecake and water ice were the perfect ending to a great weekend. Eating in Philly is definitely a main attraction!

The entire weekend I wore so many amazing looks from Catherine's that fit right into the exploration of Philly. My looks were comfortable and fashionable. I am still completely obsessed with the green maxi dress and printed pants. Oh and the workout pants are the best workout pants I've ever worn, seriously. The waist band is thick, the cotton is soft and I walked three miles in them and didn't have to pull them up once! Catherine's fit is generous, I am a 22/24 in most clothes and I wear a 1x to 2x in Catherine's. Most of my dresses were a 1x with the exception of the white lace off the shoulder dress. I could have gone with the 1x, but I didn't want it to be too tight. You can head to the Catherine's site to check out all of the looks I wore on the trip 

Have any of you ever been to Philly? Did you love it? I am planning to back soon!

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Thank you to Catherine's for partnering with me on this post and inviting me to explore Philly! 

Jacket & Pants  C/O Roaman's Fashion; Top, Shoes , Sunnies-(Similar)

Lately the only constant thing I've been experiencing in life is change. That's right my lovely readers I have spent the first part of early summer being caught up in the winds of change. From wanting to change things to trying to figure out how to change things, to not being swept up in involuntary changes. Every year as it nears my birthday I kinda shut down and figure out how I can be better for my next year of life. I wanted to take a tv timeout clear my head to figure it out. I have no desire to keep carrying things with me from year to year without taking the time to evaluate what needs to be fixed.

Have you ever been there? Feeling the brunt of being caught between self- imposed changes and forced changes. I wanted to share a few of my tips for figure out and dealing with change: 

  • Make a list of what needs changing - List always help me identify the problems/changes that need to happen. 
  • Take a t.v. time out - Rest and relaxation are key needs in enacting change in your life. No good changes ever come out of being frazzled. 
  • Try a tiny superficial change- Maybe it's your hair, eyebrows, nail color or style that needs some updating. I am currently experimenting lots with my hair so that's been distracting me. 
  • Think of your overall goals - Always keep in mind what you want out of life, make sure your changes are going to continue to get your there. 
I hope this helps someone going through changes or caught up in the midst of change. I know it's hard sometimes, but often we don't even realize how necessary change is. 

What about you my dear readers? How do you deal with change? How do you cope? Do you find change difficult? 

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Blazer | Pants | Shoes | Sunglasses

Have you ever had an outfit make to make you feel like a boss? Like a bonafide boss? Well this one made me feel like the biggest boss ever! It was love at first sight when this suit dropped on Eloquii! Who wouldn't be obsessed with a ruffled sleeve blazer!!! Sorry don't mean to yell, but this is the type of fashion that really gets me excited. The ruffles on this blazer are the perfect detail to take an item from a basic piece to a piece of art.

When I put this on I felt like a street style star on the way to a show in Paris, or like I could conquer the deal when I walked into the boardroom. The blazer is also super easy to mix and match with jeans. Sigh... Would y'all noticed if I wore this everyday? Okay I guess you would. As far as fit goes, I got a 20 in the jacket and a 22 in the pants which are my normal Eloquii sizes.

This suit has been sitting in my closet waiting for them to get it back in, but it's still a waitlisted item. But I can't say enough that if you're interested get on the waitlist. I love that Eloquii restocks items that are in high demand.

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Top | Skirt | Shoes-Old(Similar) | Sunnies | Bag-Vintage(Similar

I'm pretty sure you've read enough Victoria Beckham for Target stories to fill your quota for the year, but I hope you can read just one more! I've seen and read a bunch of interesting commentary about the collection over the past few weeks. People either absolutely loved it or hated it and I can honestly say that I for one loved the collection!

I was In being honest I purchased  13 pieces from the collection and kept 10 of those.  Being no stranger to shopping Target collections, half of the excitement for me is the shopping. When I found out my local store was carrying the plus-size collection my excitement and planning went into over drive.  I went in with a plan for how I wanted to shop. I joined forces with Pepper of Pretty Plus Pep in creating a strategy to make sure we got the items that we wanted. Pepper and I spent the night across from the Target, and made a slumber party of it. That was the most fun I have had getting ready to shop! I wasn't sure how this collection was going to go, cause I've been on the other side of selling out and that wasn't happening to me this time!

Even going in with a plan, there were still a few surprises thrown in for me. One was I fell in love with a few pieces that I didn't expect. This skirt was defiantly one of them. When I was in the dressing room, I saw it on another customer and ran out to grab myself one. In person the fabric was so amazing and it fit so well I couldn't leave it on the shelf. Honestly it looks like it cost way more than it actually did. The other surprise is that those 3 pieces that I returned were in my top 5 list of things I wanted, but unfortunately they just didn't work for me.

I purchased a 3x in all dresses, 2x in tops and a 26W in pants. I do have to have some alterations done to the bust of several of my dresses. They were cut on a larger bias than I expected.  I have a bigger mid-section so I always purchase for that and get it altered. I got this skirt in a 26W and probably should have done a 24W, but I had the waist taken in and that fixed my problems with the skirt. This look was honestly my absolute favorite thing I purchased, which is surprising since I had no plans on buying any of it.

I hope Target continues to put plus-sizes in stores, I hope they expand it and put them in every store! I had soooo much fun shopping with my fellow fashionistas, in store. And everyone women deserves the shopping experience!

Did you buy any pieces from the collection? There is still some online. Below are a few of my favorite pieces! Also my friend Gavyn from The Curvy Cutie did an amazing Haul, you should check it out!

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